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A Successful Entrepreneur

For the average person, it is better to have an entrepreneurial mindset and build on their existing idea, regardless of what it is. I discovered something in the entrepreneurial spirit, the business I’m doing now, it’s just a stepping stone to a bigger idea that I have inside of me I talk to my friends about this little business, they are surprised by the low cash flow and ask me why I start.


An entrepreneur is the person who thinks, who visualize and who take step.

What is entrepreneurship?   

When we think of entrepreneurship, immediately what comes to mind are business people and small businesses or companies, in fact, the definition of entrepreneurship varies depending on the perspective used, it can be a field in business or it can be an activity in which people are involved.

¬†Description of the processes involved defines what entrepreneurship is. Understanding and searching for innovations, such as improving an existing product line is one of the processes in entrepreneurship. But it’s not just about innovation, this process has to go one step further for it to be seen as part of the company; the next step would be to convert innovations into assets that generate income.

In entrepreneurship, an individual or group of individuals identifies a business opportunity by finding a potential or valuable item, product, or activity that can be used for business and generate sustainable profits. by which the business opportunity or innovation is generated is greater than the worth of the value of the combination of resources used to create the opportunity or innovation, then there are profits. Profit arises when the value of the resources used to manufacture a product is increased through innovation.

The definition of entrepreneurship lies in a unique but more important concept:

Instead of building a small business, I just tell them that what I have is a means to an end. Have a great idea, think big, and start small, the ideas and money you’ve raised in your small business. I can definitely finance big business on the whole. I don’t believe in borrowing money from banks to start a small business.

I think the money I need to start a great idea in my head goes with every potential person. I can squeeze the money out of their hands by offering them a product or service at a fair price and then gradually increasing the capital, I am sure that the means is to an end.

I know this may take a while, but the juice is worth it. Invest more in knowledge.

Please do not attend any seminars (it is best to buy seminar books and CDs). Read on different websites. For more information on starting a business. There is no substitute for knowledge. Visit other entrepreneur blogs for more knowledge. It will be of immense help. Patience is a virtue, I know it is difficult to be patient (some even find it unfair), but a passion for what you do can also help you be more patient. Enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t be afraid of failure, a business genius once told me the phrase “do the damn thing”, yes, do it, don’t worry about what people are saying. It is absolutely correct and you leave no stone unturned. Don’t follow trends, especially general ones. Don’t go ahead, just do your thing and be unique. Last but not least, don’t let the wall put you off. , look for ways to corner the wall to continue on your path to success. In my own experience, such a wall is a lack of electricity. Buy a small generator, inverter, and battery.

How to Tied up Innovations, entrepreneurship and Profit

discovery. Without discovery and innovation, the market economy will stagnate as there will be entrepreneurship that paves the way for economic growth, as it supports economic growth through its discoveries.

processes and Systems creation or discovery do not have to be isolated to new product lines or existing product lines. They can also be applied to production methods, markets, resources or an organization, or even an industry. Entrepreneurship can provide solutions for economic stability, as it is constantly looking for improvement and stability developing our resources to deliver them.

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