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Suede Fabric – 5 Ways to Use, Prices, and Models

Suede fabric can be used in a variety of ways. Due to its strength and durability, its structure can be combined with various designs and finishes.

Widely used in interior decoration, such as sofas and pillows, this material can also be used in accessories such as bags, shoes and is usually a great option for handicrafts.

Tecido Suede
Tecido Suede

Want to know how to use Tecido Suede fabric?

Where to buy and how to maintain its sustainability?

So read on and learn all about this versatile and charming coating. Suede Fabric – What is it?

Tecido Suede is made with synthetic materials and polyester, which offer a more resistant finish, thus being considered a more excellent texture in coring.

To promote sophisticated finishes, this type of fabric receives a variety of tones in colors and prints, enhancing the aesthetics of the product.

So, you will see that this dress covering model can be used in various items from decoration to the fashion industry.

5 Ways to Use Suede Fabric

5 Ways to Use Tecido Suede Because of its durability and resistance to moisture damage, the suede fabric is an excellent choice for furniture renovation (such as sofa renovation), home fashion, and other manual activities. Becomes an option. Curious about how to use the material? Here are five ways to use it in your maintenance and in creating your next project parts.

Tecido Suede for sofa use – remodeling and coverings. With a delicate texture and at the same time functional, suede is ideal for covering sofas and sleeves of any proportions.

Like suede, the suede finish is perfect for decoration and promotes an attractive design for jewelry, plus it is very comfortable. And even if the furniture is used daily, this type of coating has great advantages, with easy cleaning and stain removal.

Tecido Suede

In mattress decoration, suede is used to cover the object, to protect it from damage or contact with dirt, which works great because of its texture. It can be a good idea to wear it on clothes. For those who don’t miss out on fashionistas, Tecido Suede dresses are a must-see, especially for those looking for a boho style for their looks. Available in warm and earthy colors, you will find many pieces made with this texture, such as skirts, pants, dresses, vests, and jackets that fall

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