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Best-Proven Tips to Optimize Images for SEO

Nowadays, webmasters make every effort to ensure that their content is unique, high-quality, and even SEO-optimized. No doubt that everyone understands the importance of each and everything about SEO-optimized content, but often forget about image optimization. When it comes to SEO images, always use SVGs as they are packed in a smaller size than PNGs. And, if your concerns are all about PNG to SVG conversions, then give a right try to the best online PNG to SVG converter for free.

However, images are not only used for aesthetics, but they can even combine with other elements of a website to provide an effective message to audiences. However, using images in the wrong way will not only affect the user experience but even also hurt your ranking on the SERP. That’s the most obvious reason why image optimization is highly crucial for your SEO. In this context, you will come to know how to properly optimize images for SEO legitimately.

Resize your images:

Yes, it’s immensely important to check for the image size and even also ensure it’s within an acceptable range before uploading it on your site. SVG comes in small size just because it is a code-based file format, so always stick with this vector image format and say goodbye to all PNGs. Even there you can get the opportunity of converting PNG to SVG with the use of free PNG to SVG converter online now.

Bear in mind that image size, as well as file, are not the same. Apart from that, image size is indicated as the dimension of an image (e:g 1024 by 680). On the other hand, file size is referred to as the amount of space that is needed to simply store the image on the service that is measured in kilobytes, bytes, and megabytes, and much more).  Also, whenever image conversion is your concern regarding SEO, then visit is a site that offers the best PNG to SVG converter along with different online free image converters.

Choose the right compression rate:

No doubt that whenever an image file is compressed too much, it entirely distorts its quality and even appears blurry. Also, when it comes to PNG to SVG conversions, always aim for the PNG to SVG converter online that turns PNG into SVG while preserving the original quality. However, when the compression rate is low, the quality of the image is indicated as high, but the file is large.

Besides that, considering tools like Adobe Photoshop (PS) come with a “save for the web” option that assists in automatically compressing the file size while preserving the original image.

If you don’t have Photoshop, then there are different other online tools available through which you can easily proceed with your conversions. You can find popular image optimization tools like Affinity Photo, Pixlr (JPG/JPEG optimization), Paint.NET, and much more. You could also commence using an online PNG to SVG converter whenever you need to convert PNG to an SVG vector image file.  

Pick the right file format:

No doubt choosing the right image format from the wide range of image file types can be daunting. Don’t fret since there are innumerable types of formats and each is packed with its benefits. You could use:

  • JPEG: it typically comes with varying degrees of sizes and even lets you adjust the image quality level to find a good balance
  • PNG: This is the image file format that entirely produces better quality than the JPG, but typically comes within the larger file size. Thus, people account with free PNG to SVG converter to convert PNG to SVG vector image files
  • SVG: It is indicated as the scalable vector format that is ideal for logos, text, icons as well as simple images. Traditionally, SVG vector files are smaller than JPEG and PNGs and even also leads in faster page load speed. If you have PNGs, you could easily convert all PNG images at once of SVG vector with the assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter

Write SEO-Friendly Alt Text:

Alt tags are referred to as the text alternative to images when a modern browser can’t exactly render them. Same as the file names, alt tags or attributes are generally considered to elaborate the content of an image file. It is the best way to provide search engines with highly useful information about the subject matter of the image.

Bear in mind when the image does not load, you will there get an image box along with the alt attribute in the top left corner. Experts revealed that adding exact alt text to the particular image assists to achieve better ranking as search engines associate keywords with that image.

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