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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Invest in Custom Flag Printing Services


Over 75% of small businesses used social media marketing in the past three years. The results? Not so positive. Small businesses have limited marketing budgets. Their owners would rather focus on immediate business needs such as training workers or meeting with clients. As a result, many small business owners outsource their digital marketing responsibilities to third-party “experts.”

Small businesses must avoid these “marketing traps.” Spending money on marketing tools that do not guarantee amazing results isn’t something that small business owners can afford. That’s why reliable marketing tools like custom-printed marketing flags are still very popular among small business owners. Here are five other reasons why small business owners love using custom marketing flags to promote their businesses –

  1. Set and Forget Advertising

Small business owners love investing in high-quality flag printing because it only involves one-time costs. Custom print multiple high-quality flags with your marketing messages. Then, install the flags in high-traffic locations. After that, the flags will advertise your brand 24×7. Anyone walking or driving by may see your custom flags and learn about your brand.

Digital marketing campaigns come with additional responsibilities like tracking results, calculating ROI at every step, etc. Custom-printed flags don’t expire (unlike digital marketing campaigns). They keep performing relentlessly for years.

  1. Low-Cost

Custom-printed flags are not just cheaper than digital marketing tools, but they’re also cheaper than most printed marketing materials. Custom printing a flag will cost you less than buying custom pop-up banners, tents, etc. Tools like feather flags are incredibly cheap. Small business owners with limited marketing capabilities can order hundreds of these custom flags without spending too much.

  1. Long-Lasting

The latest marketing flags are made from highly durable synthetic materials. Polyester-based fabric materials are not just long-lasting – but they’re also waterproof and flame-retardant. More importantly, these flags made from polyester are weather-resistant. They’re created for year-round use. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or sunny – your custom flags will keep performing for your company.

  1. Easy to Set Up

Small business owners with limited marketing resources typically don’t have separate marketing teams. They need their marketing tools to be user-friendly. A non-expert will never be able to set up a high-quality SEO campaign or install large billboard ads. Marketing flags, on the other hand, are super-easy to assemble.

Anyone can attach their poles and stick them into their bases. Custom marketing flags are also easy to uninstall. Overall, setting up, taking down, and moving these flags takes less than five minutes. That’s why small business owners with small workforces, love working with custom marketing flags.

  1. Portable and Effective in Different Locations

Custom marketing flags are very light and easy to move. That’s why some of these flags are called “feather flags.” Small business owners can carry their custom-printed flags anywhere they want. They can use these flags to –

  • Promote their business at busy community events (e.g., local sports games).
  • Set them up outside tradeshow booths at marketing events.
  • Install them outside their store to attract shoppers.

These are the reasons why small business owners still rely on custom-printed flags as effective marketing tools!

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